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Silicone spray 400ml aerosol

Silicone spray 400ml aerosol

  •      VMS# 004522
  •      IMPA# 450828
  •      ISSA# 7345211
  • A versatile non-conductive, water resistant, colourless, non-staining general lubricant and protector

    Spanjaard Silicone Spray has a number of applications, including:

    • Plastic and Rubber Moulding: A powerful release agent in moulding or synthetic rubbers.
    • Printing and Stereotyping: A number of applications when used in printing shops and many new applications are discovered on a daily basis. The most common applications in printing shops are: to prevent set-off; to eliminate static adhesion, and to avoid smudging.
    • Handling Foodstuffs and Cooking: Meets incidental food contact regulations and imparts no smell or taint.
    • Building Industry: Effective releasing spray on shuttering. Treat glass and face-brick surfaces with it to prevent the adhesion of paint and plaster.
    • Welding and Metal Casting: acilitates in core making, shell moulding and in the hot box and carbon dioxide processes.

    NSF approved (Reg: 139905) – class H1.
    Available in aerosol.