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Ferrycid Rustremover is the best rustremover on the market today, prolonging the lifetime of a ship's paint. Ferrycid attacks rust stains on existing paint, removing them almost instantly.

Ferrycid's unique formulation of acids and protective ingredients combine to wipe out existing rust and rust stains and create an impervious base for painting, repainting or other anticorrosive treatment. With regular use, either by broom, brush, rag or pressure wash, a clear, protective film is built up on the paint surface, reducing the incidence and severity of rust and staining.

On badly corroded steel Ferrycid converts the rust to an inert white powder which is simply brushed or rinsed away to create a clean rust-free base for future coatings. This complete rust treatment also prevents further corrosion underneath the surface.

Ferrycid is also the ultimate cleaner and descaler for sanitary fixtures, glass and internal paint surfaces.

Regular maintenance use of Ferrycid Rustremover considerably improves a ship's coating and steel life, as well as its general appearance.

An anticorrosive rustremover specially designed for the marine environment,

offering efficiency and versatility by covering multiple needs:


1. Removal of Heavy Rust

2. Removal of Rust Stains

3. Cleaning of Painted Surfaces

4. Limescale Removal

5. Cleaning of Wooden Decks

6. Cleaning of Sanitary Installations

7. Protection

Converts rust to an inert white powder that is brushed away or rinsed off. Gives a protective base for painting; prolongs the lifetime of painted surfaces:

  • Iron
  • Ceramic
  • Vinyl
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Glass

Can be applied by brush, rag, pouring, pressure-wash or submersion

Supplied in 25L plastic drum.


  • VMS#      450423
  •  IMPA#    450423
  •  ISSA#