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Ferryl 202 White has all of the anticorrosive and lubricating properties of Ferryl 202 Standard but is recommended where a clean white appearance is important.

Ferryl 202 White is designed for the harsh marine environment, with its rubberised binders ensuring adhesion in any conditions. Ferryl 202 White will form a semi-dry film with a hard plastic-like surface, which offers long-life protection for long sea voyages, while beneath the skin it remains soft and smooth providing excellent lubrication. Ferryl 202 White also has an extremely high melting point in excess of 100°C.

Ferryl 202 White has been designed for the lifeboat falls of modern cruise liners and is recommended wherever a combination of a clean white appearance and superb rust protection is desired.

A white wire-grease specially designed for the marine environment, providing ultimate rust protection and lubrication with a clean, white appearance.


1. Penetration Protection of entire wire through penetration into wire core

 2. High Melting Point For use in extreme climates and temperatures well below freezing

 3. Rust Inhibitors Chemically active for ultimate rust protection

 4. Rubberised Binders Ensures excellent adhesion to the wire

 5. Semi-Drying Film Protective layer prevents penetration of moisture- flexibility without cracking

 6. Lubrication Protects against deterioration and wear- easy running of rigging


Used wherever protection against rust and/or lubrication is needed:

  • Lifeboat Falls
  • Winches
  • Mooring wires
  • Derricks
  • Open Gears
  • Shackles
  • Backsprings
  • Tankcover-Screws
  • Hoists
  • Lashings
  • Hatchcover Wheels
  • Valves
  • Bearings
  • Screws & Bolts
  • And more

Can be applied by brush, glove or wire-lubricator

Supplied in 30kg metal drum



  • VMS#      450405
  •  IMPA#    450405
  •  ISSA#